Bathroom is designed by Susan Elo together with Woodio for musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Susan Elo

Susan Elo is a Helsinki-based furniture and interior designer. She completed her MA studies at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (now Aalto University) in 1997. Last year she received a five-year state grant for artists for her project Minä ja metsä (The Forest and I). Apart from her work as a designer, Susan teaches furniture design at Aalto University.



Woodio is a design and material brand from Finland, the creator of innovative ecological solid wood composite -wood that is 100% water resistant. Woodio is taking this new and innovative material into unusual places. Focusing on bathroom interiors first. Woodio washbasins are designed and produced in Finland. Perfectly expressing Scandinavian style, functionality and quality.


Ryuichi Sakamoto

Woodio and Susan Elo were inspired by Japanese bath culture and chose composer Ryichi Sakamoto as their artist for the bathroom of the Fiskars Summer Home. Woodio’s wooden basins represent a rough and plain style that creates a stunning scene for Sakamoto’s soundscape. They want the bathroom to nurture all the senses of the visitors, including their hearing. Woodio’s material innovation is ecological and waterproof composite wood, and the products made of it reflect the spirit of our time. Modern music by Japanese Sakamoto generates a perfect counterpart to the interior.