Greenhouse is designed by Susanna Vento together with Fiskars for artist and patron of arts Maire Gullichsen.


Susanna Vento

Susanna Vento is an interior stylist who makes beautiful compositions of pretty much everything. She has done great work with commercial and design-oriented companies such as Acne JR, Arabia, Iittala, Marimekko, Tikkurila Paints, Kinnasand and a number of magazines. 



Established in the Fiskars village in 1649 as an ironworks, Fiskars has since grown to be a leading global consumer goods company. Today, Fiskars is internationally known for its high-quality tools for gardening, cooking and crafts, including its iconic orange-handled scissors.
As the oldest company in Finland, we are proud of our long heritage while also being devoted to continuous development and cutting-edge innovation. This is how we create products characterized by superior quality, ingenious functionality and world-class design.
Fiskars’ mission is to empower everyday creativity through purposeful design. We want to inspire expression today that lives beyond tomorrow. We want to help you shape your world.


Maire Gullichsen

"Maire Gullichsen’s own artist career is often forgotten because she’s known as a matron of art and Artek. A rebellious child of one of the most prosperous industrial families in Finland, she dropped out of school at 17, and with the help of her mother, she snuck away to study art in Paris and fell in love with bright, delicate colours as a contrast to the dark-toned art exhibited in her childhood estate. She got secretly engaged to a man her father didn’t quite approve of. She soon gave birth to two children, but after a few years of combining a trophy-wife type of family life with art-making in Paris, she noticed that the formula didn’t work.

Her endless love of bright, clear colours made her establish the Free Art School, a counterattack against the narrow-minded nationalist concept of art in Finland. The modern art section of the school presented furniture designed by Alvar Aalto, and that is how the Artek we now know got started.

The house that Alvar Aalto designed for Maire’s family, Villa Mairea, has inspired me and many other Finns for decades. Villa Mairea can be called the mother of all cultural homes. The family’s other home was Villa Honkala, which carried a very special meaning for Maire. After her mother passed away, Maire took care of the house and the garden with great love for the rest of her life, and she finally passed away herself in the same room where she was born. In both Villa Mairea and Villa Honkala, the gardens and the interior plants make the historical, almost pompous estates feel like home. The Summer Home I’ve designed is a tribute to Maire Gullichsen’s lifework as 'the errand girl of art'. This summer may she rest in peace without obligations, make her art the whole summer and care for her beloved plants."